Happy Mother’s Day To The Forgotten Mothers




A little over 3 hours ago, I found out that today was actually another mother’s day while listening to a radio station (sometimes I lose count with the numerous mother’s days).

Another Mother’s day comes with another opportunity to celebrate the angels we have in human form. The special set of human beings that carried us for nine months, went through the excruciating pain of labour, stayed up all night while her mates slept just to make sure we were well taken care of.

There are super women all around the world that need no introduction and should be celebrated every single day and even more so on mother’s day. Happy Mother’s day to everyone of them.


My mother’s day shout out this year goes to a special set of mothers. The mothers often get ignored when mother’s day celebrations are held due to the circumstances surrounding their pregnancy and childbirth.


These are mothers who received the news of their pregnancy with tears of pain and regret instead of the tears of joy and expectation that women in committed relationships receive theirs with.

These are the mothers that contemplate abortion in a bid to hide the shame of having a child out of wedlock. The shame that would label them a family disgrace. The shame that could derail their education (for those still in school). The shame that would make getting married in the future an even more herculean task. Finding a suitable husband is hard enough without the tag of “single mother” hanging over one’s head.


These are the mothers that are often denied the joy and euphoria that comes with carrying a human being inside their wombs. The mothers that are often denied the loving, comforting and caring support of the father of the child who in most cases absconds from his responsibilities, denies paternity or even blames her for not aborting the baby.

These are the mothers that are often denied the support system of their parents who brand them a disgrace for having a child out of wedlock and for bringing disgrace to the family.

These are the mothers that are often ridiculed in the society for their status as “baby mamas”.


These are the mothers that in most cases get their lives disrupted and  dreams derailed due to the arrival of these unexpected bundles of joy (children).

The mothers that end up taking care of these children on their own with little or no financial help from outside.

But all in all…..

These mothers still love and adore their children every other mother does. These mothers endure the ridicule and shame to nurture these children and make sure they grow up with enough love to last them a life time. These mothers although haven their life dreams delayed make sure these children never have to go through what they went through. These mothers would work two jobs or extra shifts to make sure their children get everything they need.

Girls get pregnant and have first babies very early, before the age of 18. They become women when still too young, taking responsibilities as adults.

As we celebrate mothers around the world today, we should look at these “forgotten” mothers with love and most importantly: RESPECT.

For one could ridicule them for their mistake but as the Bible says “let ye that is without sin caste the first stone”.
For another could chastise them for having a child out of wedlock but at least they had the frame of mind to caste away the option of abortion (there is barely any sexually active girl that has never aborted).

To the single mothers out there. The forgotten mothers. The mothers that played and continue to play the double role of father and mother. Happy Mother’s day to you.slide_411226_5180060_free


Photo credit: Paolo Patruno for The Huffington Post. Click HERE to see Stunning Photos Of Teen Moms’ Struggles In Cameroon.

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