7 Things Women Want (Part 7): Care

beautiful girls

This is a continuation of the series, READ:
Part 1: Acknowledgment
Part 2: Affirmation
Part 3: Attention
Part 4: Affection
Part 5: Security
Part 6: Communication

A lady wants to know for certain that you care about her. Caring connotes caring about her to the smallest element of her life. This includes her well being, her family, her education, her career and many more. A lady is not supposed to want something and have to ask you all the time for you to realize that she wants something. When women want something from their man, they give out clues to that effect. Its only sensitive men that care enough to pay attention to the clues she is giving out and get her what she wants. For example, a lady wants a new phone, she will give her spouse clues like “baby, this my phone is not good, its always having problems, its always crashing, the battery is bad”. She doesn’t have to come out straight and say “baby, please buy me a new phone”. She has given you clues, if you can’t get her a new phone, buy a good fairly used phone. If you can’t get her a phone at all, then take her phone for repairs. Caring to a lady doesn’t always have to be financially motivated, caring includes helping her with work, helping her with assignments, helping her get the groceries, helping her around the house. Ladies love men that genuinely care about them.

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