7 Things Women Want (Part 4): Affection

sweet ladies


This is a continuation of the series, READ:
Part 1: Acknowledgment
Part 2: Affirmation
Part 3: Attention

A woman needs affection, she needs love in the total package. First of all, there should some form of affection in your words. When she calls or you call her, sound excited to hear her voice. Make it look like hearing her voice just brightened your day. Let her feel the excitement in your voice when you both converse on phone.

Another way of showing affection to a woman is by little physical contact. Women love physical contact with someone they cherish. Learn to hold her hand when you both are watching a movie or walking on the road or at the beach. Learn to peck your lady. I didn’t say kiss but peck her as often as you can. In my own description, a peck on the forehead means “I adore you”, a peck on the cheek means “I cherish you”, a peck on the neck means “I appreciate you”, a peck on her lips (a peck not a kiss) means “I love you”. At first, peck her and tell her what it means. After a while she will know what each peck means, so most times you don’t have to say the words, a peck at a particular place on her face sends the message. Affection could also include putting your hand on her leg in a non sexual manner when talking to her or when driving or when watching a soccer match. It could also include putting your hand across her shoulder when walking or when looking at something together.

Lastly, affection could be sexual (married couples only). Make her feel like sex is not what you do only when you are horny or what you do only when you both want kids. Make her think of having sex with you at work and run back home just to get a quickie. Don’t make your sex life boring with the bed only routines. Do it in the kitchen, do it in the bathroom, do it on the beach, do it in the parlor, do it in car. Spice up your sex life by changing styles and doing at least one new thing every time. For men, sex is a short distance sprint while for women its a long distance race. A woman’s body is filled with so many nerve endings (sexually aroused spots), take your time to maneuver these spots before you enter the promised land.
Remember affection should be 80% nonsexual and just 20% sexual, don’t touch your wife only when you want sex. Touching her makes her feel special and important to you.

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